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Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

As an IT expert I witness lost data daily.   I hear people tell me that they did not back up their data.  I hear people tell me that their data is very important. The question I would like to ask but don’t is this. If your data is that important, why didn’t you back it up?  I have the answer, and the answer is laziness.  You get complacent, until the moment your last 10 years of work are gone.  You have a false sense of security until all your family photos are dust.  My neighbor thought he backed up his data until a fire destroyed both his computer and his backup.  That is when I realized the importance of online backup.   

I am always asked if your data is safe sitting on the internet.  I reply that it is safer than the data sitting on your computer.  If your computer connects to the internet, your data is technically already on the internet.  All you need is the right viruses, and your data is taken or destroyed.  Therefore, if you have a computer, it would be a wise investment of $54.00 a year to protect your work, your photos, your music, and your financial data.  If you need a recommendation of a good online backup service, click here. A client of mine earlier today wished he had.

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