KeywordLuv and DoFollow: Use WordPress Plugin KeywordLuv and DoFollow To Drive Blog Traffic

KeywordLuv and DoFollow are two plugins that reward commentators by giving them a keyword rich links that helps both, you and your commentators.  This will attract more readers and commentators.

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  1. seo company says:

    Link building is the vital part of SEO firm, there are many link building techniques available.Blog commenting are the most appropriate process but there are one thing always be remember that is,Do blog commenting on comment luv and keyword luv enables blogs.KeywordLuv and commentluv are the WordPress plugin that gives a dofollow links to the commenter with their preferred anchor text without the commenter being supposed as spammer. CommentLuv plugin that parses the RSS feed of the website that the commenter entered. It displays a link to the most recent post and typically makes the link do follow. Keyword Luv benefits you by improving not only your own SEO links, but those of your readers as well.KeywordLuv offers commenting and SEO efforts together so that we can interact more frequently, increase blogging community relationships and make our sites easier to find in the search engines which will increase our traffic, subscribers and potentially our incomes.

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