Online Ways to Promote Your Blog – Part 5 of 5

  • Offer Rebates – Offer a rebate on a product.

  • Offer Coupons – Offer coupons to your readers.

  • Post a List of Other Blogger’s Best Posts – This may sound strange but if made a list of the best posts on other blogs you will probably get a link and easily get tweets if the blogger is popular on twitter.

  • Post a List of Bloggers Your Readers Should Follow – Bloggers will come and check it out, thank you, pingback and comment. 

  • Do an Interview with An Important Blogger – Create some buzz about a famous person being interviewed on your site. Make it unique and your site will be the place to get their important interview.

  • What is Out of Place? – Create a picture with some digital imaging software(Photoshop for example) and put together an image with lots of items in it.  Then create a post labeled What 5 items are out of place?”, or “Can you locate…?”

  • Article Marketing Outside Your Niche – Write articles and submit them to Ezine or other article databases on subjects you normally don’t write about.

  • Submitting to Aggregators – Make sure your blog is in reputable aggregators for other bloggers to find your great content.

  • Submitting to Domain Checkers – Use free domain tools to check your site and build links through their custom pages of your site.

  • Borrow a Reputable Email Newsletter – Team up with someone and write a guest newsletter post for an exchange of readers or money.

  • Create a Petition – The topic does not matter, your blog can sponsor it to make others aware that people like/dislike something.

  • Sponsor a Goal – Ask your readers to do something great!  Set the goal specific to your niche.

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