Online Ways to Promote Your Blog – Part 4 of 5

  • Create Stamps – Buy your stamps at and customize them with your logo.  Everyone you mail to will see your blog url

  • Facebook – Tell your friends about some of your recent posts.

  • Create a FaceBook Fan Page – Just go to Facebook to get started.

  • Participate in Relevant Forums – Drive traffic back to your blog through your forum signature and relevant links.

  • Produce a Free eBook – Produce a free ebook with links back to your blog.

  • Blog Ad Contest – Create a contest to win advertising space on your site.

  • Create a Guest Post for Off-Niche Blogs – A non-niche blog may have a variety of readers that might be looking for what you have.

  • Define a Term – Create a new term.  This is a good way to build traffic. If you create a term, traffic will start coming based on the new phrase.

  • Add Your Blog  – Use Yahoo and Google add your blog to their search.

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