Online Ways to Promote Your Blog – Part 3 of 5

  •        Add “Alt” tags – Make sure all of your images have alt tags.

  • Watermarked Images – Take some nice pictures or create good digital art and watermark your site into it. When your image is seen, so is your blog’s address.

  • Create a Custom 404 – Make a custom funny of interesting 404 page and bookmark it on social media sites.

  • Be In the Now – Talk about issues that are happening right now in your community or in the world.

  • Highlight Your Best Posts – Create a list post of all your best posts and a brief description of why you like them.

  • Start a Twitter Account – Make sure to name it after your Blog and start building some followers.

  • Make a Firefox Theme/Extension – Again if you can code or you want to learn how then use this element to add to the community. In return chances are your traffic will really pick up.

  • Create a Random Post – Make it not related to your niche but make it keyword intensive. See if it brings in new readers and adds to your blog.

  • Make a WordPress plugin – If you can code and understand php get started and you will get traffic it’s a useful or novel plugin.

  • Flickr Account – Take pictures and put them on a flickr account with your url.

  • Make a WordPress theme – Similar to the plugin, you will be linked to blog’s using the theme.

  • Identify a Problem and Give the Solution – Go onto Twitter and search for a problem by using the # hash tags, then reply with a solution!

  • Create a Giant Resource List – Find resources from your blog and other websites.  Create a giant list. Resource pages turn into great pages to bookmark too!

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