Online Ways to Promote Your Blog – Part 2 of 5

  • Create a Wikipedia page – Create a page up in wikipedia about your blog.

  • Join Google and Yahoo Groups – Involve yourself in a group relevant to your niche. If you can’t find one, start one create one.

  • Answer Questions on Yahoo! Answers – Look for questions in your niche and give useful answers.  Also, place links in your answer where revelant.

  • Squidoo or Hubpages –You can add your link, rss feed to the pages that you create. It is  also a good way to get your new product, blog, or webpage found by Google.

  • Email Past Commentators –Send an email out to past commentators to get them involved again.

  • New Commentators – Send a personal email to new commentators pointing out your best content. It can allow you to build a relationship with a long-time reader.

  • Give services to other bloggers for free – Give reviews, Stumble, Tweets, Design help it is a great way to build trust and get people to keep coming back.

  • Plan and Post a Good Forum Thread – Make sure your links are in your signature. 

  • Review Relevant Products – A great strategy for getting relevant links from high-traffic sites is by reviewing products. 

  • Review Related Blogs on Alexa –If you are very similar to a blog, make sure to review it so other niche viewers will see your review.

  • LinkedIn Recommendations – LinkedIn is a great way to make connections with other professionals in your niche. After connecting with them start writing recommendations for them.

  • Write Testimonials for Products You Use – Start writing testimonials for online products you use and enjoy.

  • Sponsor a Charity – Find a charity and sponsor an event.

  • Make a Tool Chest – Collect links or forms of a variety of useful web tools for your niche and place them on a resource page for your readers.

  • Create a Blogging Group  – Get a blogging group.  This is a group of friends, or a network to help you start promoting your content to others.

  • Create a Font – name it after your blog, and link to it on font sites. If you have the skills this might work well to build unique links.

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