Online Ways to Promote Your Blog – Part 1 of 5

  •       Create a Widget for Your Blog – Create a widget so bloggers can put your feed on their sidebar.

  • Send Trackbacks – Link  to other blogs and send trackbacks when you mention their articles. It will help get your blog out.

  • Create a Youtube Video – Insert your link in the video at the end and in the description.

  • @Reply – @Reply to all of your twitter followers in a single day! (if you have a ton, spread it out) You will have started conversations all over the twittersphere and people will follow you and join in!

  • Search for Blogs then Comment – Enter a keyword you want to dominate then leave a comment on the top 20.

  • Stumble and Comment – A good approach to getting your name out is to hit your stumble button in your toolbar and then comment on every blog you read.

  • Service Competition – Create a competition and have the prize be a service you will perform.

  • Free Advertising Networks – Free advertising is great for new blogs with low readerships which are looking to build followers.  They have you run an ad for someone, and they have one ran for you.

  • Email Signature – Add your blog’s URL to your signature of every email account you use.  Make sure it draws peoples’ attention.

  • Chamber of Commerce – Get a Link from your Local Chamber of Commerce website.

  • Get added to Online Yellow Pages – It’s a great way to get a link to your blog and the services you provide.

  • Get Links on Local Sites – Become an expert on your niche topic on local sites.

  • Launch an Affiliate Program – If you have got a service or product to sell, set up an affiliate program to build links to your site and build your branding.

  • Craigslist – Create an ad about your products or service on Craigslist.

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