Promoting Your Blog Offline – Part 4 of 4

This is last part my four part series on ways to promoting your blog offline.  Marketing or promoting your blog offline is important, especially at the beginning to help get the buzz going about your blog.

  • Car/Vehicle Signs – Place signs on your car window, doors back window advertising your blog’s url.  

  • Flyer the Neighborhood – It works for many businesses so see if you can leave a flier on their door

  • Give Out Halloween Candy with URL – Halloween is a big night in many places worldwide so add your url to your door, candy, and any other spooky treats.

  • Do the Lost Wallet Stunt – Make or buy a bunch of very cheap wallets or purses and lose them all around town.  Inside don’t leave anything but a card with your url on it for them to check out.

  • Send Birthday eCards from Your Blog – If your Facebook fans are having a birthday, just send an e-card.

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