Promoting Your Blog Offline – Part 3 of 4

This is part three of a four part series on ways to promoting your blog offline.  Marketing or promoting your blog offline is important, especially at the beginning to help get the buzz going about your blog.


  • Do a YouTube Infommercial –  Create an infomercial for your blog.  Make it edgy and it may go viral.

  • Hire a Blog Consultant – Find out specifically how you can get your blog going and get help from an expert. 

  • Hire a Blog Publicist – Have them take care of your PR for you.  They are expensive though so be careful.

  • Create Bumper stickers – There a millions of drivers so get a bumper sticker for your blog and mail them or sell them to your blog readers.  Everywhere they drive, they will be promoting you.

  • Have a Party – Tell local bloggers, friends, and family that your blog is sponsoring a party with food, drinks or whatever you want. 

  • Advertise on the Radio – It is generally pretty cheap and very easy to set up.

  • Put Your URL on Your Desktop – If you are like me you use your computer outside of your house at school, library or in public. People will see it and may visit your site.

  • Write a Guest Article for Offline Media –Newsletters, magazines, books, newspapers, or any other offline media can help people and do a little self-promoting at.

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