Promoting Your Blog Offline – Part 2 of 4

This is part two of a four part series on ways to promoting your blog offline.  Marketing or promoting your blog offline is important, especially at the beginning to help get the buzz going about your blog.

  • A Public Computer Trick – Change the home page at your library, internet cafe or computer lab to your blog URL. Just make sure not to violate any terms of use.

  • Router Trick – All you have to do is name your wireless router after your blog and try to get your neighbors interested.

  • Business Cards –Hand out a business card whenever your blog comes up or whenever you bring it up in conversation.  

  • Local Meeting – Organize a webmasters and bloggers networking group.

  • Backpack Patch – Get yourself a custom patch with your blog URL to put on your bag or backpack and travel with it everywhere.

  • Flyer Hot-Spots – Leave fliers or posters at hot spots for your niche.

  • Buy a Local Ad – Local ads in newspapers are often cheap and local papers have a circulation of thousands.

  • Display a Talent – Do you draw? Do your make craft? Do you sing songs? Find a way to use your talent to expand your visitors by showing off a talent which promotes your blog.

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