Promoting Your Blog Offline – Part 1 of 4

For the next few days I will post ways to promote your blog offline.  Promoting your blog offline is a great way to build the buzz and to start or keep the momentum going about your blog.

  • Post Flyers – Stick a flyer about your website on store’s business boards. Some stores have boards as you walk in that allow local business to post things.

  • Create Marketing Clothes – Get t-shirts made with your blog’s logo and URL on it. You can give the t-shirt as a prize in a contest on your blog. If the t-shirt’s design is hot, the winner will where it and advertise for you.

  • Teach a Class – Go to your local community center, college, primary schools, etc. and offer to teach a class about your blog’s niche. There are a lot of ways to build one –on-one relationships in your local area.

  • Have a Yard Sale  Have a yard sale and add your site as a sponsor “Sponsored by”

  • Get on Your Local News – Find a way to get in your local newspaper to build some hype around your blog and what you are doing online.

  • Food – Give away food at local events like conventions, fairs, car shows, or other local events. People will stop by your booth and will accept a handout with your product or blog on it for food.

  • Relax and Advertise – Go to the beach and etch your url in the sand.  It works well in the snow too!

  • Write on your Dirty Car Window – It only takes a second!

  • Put Up a Yard Sign – Political campaigns do this.  Put a very nice sign in your window or yard, be sure to check the rules of your city or neighborhood to make sure it is okay.

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