Do You Have a Daily Action Plan?

Every promotion, blog post, marketing strategy you create requires daily activity. Therefore, it is important to have this daily activity written up.  However, it will need to be something that you will commit to doing daily. Your daily activity is the key.  Your daily action plan has to have tasks that will give you results to grow your blog traffic. Reduce tasks that don’t give results. The purpose of your daily action plan is to write up a to-do list of value based actions every day.  For example, how many personal contacts are you going to make every day?  How much content are you going to create daily?  Then do it every day. Sometimes it will be easy.  Sometimes it will be hard.  Sometimes you will fail. It is the gauge you need to use to measure success on a day-to-day basis. It gives you results to shoot for every day. It may be difficult but doable, and it should contain actions that allow your business to grow.


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    George A. Diamond

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