Mind Mapping Sites To Help You Develop Blog Ideas

Mind Mapping is a powerful tool used to develop ideas, projects and tasks.  A mind map is represented as a diagram arranged around a central theme or idea. Mind maps are used to visualize, structure, and  organize information.  It can be use to solve problems, develop ideas, making decisions, and help you formulate your writing ideas.  Below are a few online Mind Mapping sites to take advantage of.  Some are free.  Others are free for basic features and have a more robust paid version. 

MAPMYself         http://mapul.com/

Bubbl.us              http://www.bubbl.us/

Mindmeister          http://www.mindmeister.com/

Mind42                 http://www.mind42.com/

WiseMapping       http://www.wisemapping.com 

If you are a person who develops ideas, then mind mapping may be a helpful tool for you. 

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