Building an Opt-In email List – Growing a Subscriber List – (Part 2)

Today I am not going to talk about how to set up a website or a blog, for this post I will assume you already have one.  Now, assuming that you have a website up and running, your next step is to setup an autoresponder.  Choosing the right autoresponder service is important.  This can be overwhelming with all the choices available, remember, not all autoresponders are a like. There are basicly 2 kinds of autoresponder available:

  • The autoresponder that you host yourself
    • The advantage here is more control
  • The 3rd party autoresponder services
    • You can get up and running quickly and it is easy to setup and use 
  • One company that has an easy solution is to use a 3rd-party autoresponder service, like1 Shopping Cart.   1 Shopping Cart has the easy and functionality that both new and experienced bloggers can use. 

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