Blog Post Checklist – Things To Do Before Posting Your Blog

Before posting your blog you should make sure that certain things have been completed. Below is a checklist that should help you from making too many mistakes.  Although I make my fair share of mistakes, this list has been helpful. 

Blog Post Checklist 

  • Did I read the post after writing it (don’t be too quick to post)?
  • Is the post complete?
  • Do I have the right keywords?
  • Did I think of a good title?
  • Did I proofread my blog?
  • Did I make sure my links are working?
  • Should I link to one or more of my older posts?
  • Should I link to external resources?
  • Did I place it under the correct blog category?

If you can run through this list before posting your blog you can minimize your mistakes.

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George A. Diamond

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