Commentluv – to Increase Your Blog Traffic will give you a list of blogs that you can comment on for a given keyword.  These blogs are ones that allow comments and will post your comments if they are appropriate.  Post on these blogs, make your posts relevant and watch your traffic go up. 

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George A. Diamond

Dicomp, Inc.

3 Responses to “Commentluv – to Increase Your Blog Traffic”

  1. Corporate photographer says:

    I have added CommentLuv to my blog and found a real increase in quality comments. Easy to install as a plugin and works very well and makes posting comments on other blogs easier. Grant

  2. Amazing information, after reading this i typed my name into google and found that lee stevenson which is my name and the name i always use to comment on blogs, And to my amazement my site is in 2nd place, this is a powerfull thing luv app amazing thanks.

  3. Wow! Thanks, I was having a hard time looking for dofollow and auto approved blog comments. Thanks for sharing these search codes.

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