Sitemap Plug-in – Install A Sitemap Plug-in To Get More Traffic To Your Blog

Sitemap For Your Blog

If you want to generate more traffic to your blog, then it would be a good idea to get a sitemap plug-in for your blog.  It will make it easier for the search engines to do their job. That generates into more traffic for you.  Furthermore, your site map will be updated by the plug-in every time a new post is added.  It will also notify the search engines of the update.

Sitemap For Your Website

If you have a website and not a blog then go to:

This site will generate a sitemap for you.  The problem is that it is static and will have to be recreated every time your site is updated. 

If you create the sitemap manually and do not use a blog plug-in go to: 

This site will submit your sitemap to the search engines for you. I noticed an increase in traffic with my weight loss blog, since I add a site map plug-in.

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