Facebook Fan Page Is A Great Way To Drive Traffic To Your Blog – How to Use Facebook to Increase Blog Traffic (Part 2)

Creating a Facebook Fan Page is a great way to drive traffic to you blog. 

1)    When someone joins your page, “Likes Your Page” a broadcast goes out to all of their friends about them joining your page.  Interested friends also then join your page, growing your list of prospects. This can have a multiplying effect.   

2)    Anytime you post anything to that page it shows up on their home page also allowing others to see it and join. 

3)    You can grow your prospect list even faster by having your friends “Share” the Page with their friends.  This specially invites their friends to join your “Fan Page”.  The right person with a large list of friends can give your list a big boost. You can then use your Fan Page to drive traffic to your blog.

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George A. Diamond

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