is a Great Way To Increase Traffic to Your Blog – Using Social Bookmarking to Increase Blog Traffic (Part 1)

This week I will talk about social bookmarking, what is it, how to use it to drive traffic to your blog, and discuss the sites to be part of.

What is Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is a way of saving web pages for your future reference. Instead of  adding a web page link to your ‘Favorites’ menu, you can bookmark them using a social bookmarking site for future access instead making them accessible from any computer or web enabled device.

How Can You Increase Blog Traffic Using Social Bookmarking

The power of social bookmarking occurs when people share their bookmarked web pages using bookmarking communities. When you share your blog posts through social bookmarking, you can actually drive traffic to your blog.

One of the bigger Social bookmarking sites is  

This site consists of a community of people who like to share links to online information, like blog posts that they enjoy.

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