Get More Blog Traffic by Submitting to Blog Directories – (Blog Directories Part 1)

This week I will write about blog directories.   Some people think that directories are a waste of time marketing on.  I disagree, and here is why.  Many years ago a successful friend told me that he went through a thousand business cards a month.  I asked him why.  His answer was that they were doing him no good sitting in the box.  If you have a blog, post it everywhere you can.  It does you no good having a blog if no one has a chance to see it. Also, if it is in enough places, you will be found.   This week I will give you a hand full of directories that you can submit your blog too, so that you can increase your exposure.

Here is a list of 8 blog directories that you can post to: 










So remember that you can get more blog traffic by submitting to blog directories.

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