How To Create A Press Release – What Constitutes A Press Release – Press Releases (Part 4)

What you need to Know about Press Releases 

In the last 3 blog posts, I talked about why you need to create press releases and what sites are available to help you distribute them.  Now I want to talk about how to create a press release.   The best way that you can learn how to structure a press release and what constitutes a press release, is to read press releases in your category.  So the first thing I want you to do is to go to a few of the press release sites I mentioned in my previous blog posts, search your category, and read some posts.  This will give you great insight into what you need to do.  Now with that said, here are a few things to observe while you are reading other people’s press releases and creating your own.

  •  Look for controversy to write about
  •  Relate the article to current things happening in the news 
  •  Write an interesting human interest story
  •  Write about an underdog
  •  Take a new approach on an old idea
  •  Write about current trends in your industry

So in a very short time you should be great at creating press releases.

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